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Article # 3142
Journal Rhinology 62 - 2
Article Title Aetiology of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea in a Dutch retrospective cohort from two tertiary referral centres
Abstract BACKGROUND: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhoea has different aetiologies, with spontaneous leaks related to female gender and obesity. Limited data is available on patient characteristics and surgical outcomes across different aetiologies of CSF leaks in relatively non-obese populations.
METHODS: Retrospective cohort study from two tertiary referral centres including adult patients that underwent surgical closure of a CSF leak, divided into four aetiologies: traumatic, iatrogenic, secondary to structural intracranial pathology (SIP), and spontaneous. Data included patient characteristics, presenting symptoms, preoperative radiologic findings, intracranial pressure (ICP) and surgical outcomes.
RESULTS: 72 patients were included: 9 traumatic, 15 iatrogenic, 4 SIP and 44 spontaneous leaks. Primary surgical success was 79%, rising to 93% with reinterventions. Spontaneous leak cases displayed highest female proportion and BMI. A meningo(-encephalo)cele was present in 33 patients and was associated with surgical failure and previous meningitis. No significant differences were observed between different aetiologies regarding patient characteristics, presenting symptoms, or surgical success rates.
CONCLUSIONS: Even in a relatively non-obese population, the majority of CSF leaks is spontaneous and associated with female gender and obesity. Otherwise, no differences exist across aetiologies regarding patient characteristics, presenting symptoms or surgical success.
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