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Development and validation of the Sinonasal Endoscopic Score (SiNES) for chronic rhinosinusitis

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J.C. Hernaiz-Leonardo - B.M. Alim - A. Pascual - K. Aldossari - J. Fan - S. Alsaleh - A.R. Javer

BACKGROUND: Although there are several endoscopic grading systems for chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), they are limited in their range and applicability. We developed a SiNonasal Endoscopic Score (SiNES) that builds upon the strengths of previous systems while addressing their limitations.
METHODS: The SiNES system was developed by consensus after multiple rounds of guided discussions. Face, content, and convergent validity were investigated. It was validated using an independent sample of 79 CRS individuals from two referral centres from September 2021 to February 2022. Each patient underwent a sinonasal endoscopy and filled PROM questionnaires. Three independent rhinologists graded endoscopic videos using the SiNES and modified Lund-Kennedy (MLK) scores. Inter-rater and test-retest reliability were assessed via the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). SiNES and MLK scores were correlated with PROMs using a Spearman correlation and canonical correlation analysis (CCA).
RESULTS: The SiNES system evaluates five anatomical spaces regarding edema, discharge, and scarring. Face, content, and convergent validity were deemed satisfactory by the study authors and an independent panel of Otolaryngologists. Inter-rater reliability was excellent for the SiNES and good for the MLK score. Test-retest reliability was excellent for both systems. Total SiNES was correlated with self-reported smell loss.
CONCLUSIONS: The SiNES system is an accurate and reliable grading framework applicable to all CRS subtypes. It can be utilized in clinical and research settings and improves upon previously published systems.

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