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On the outcome of septoplasty

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O. Sunnergren - C. Alexandersson - F. Eliasson - M. Jangard - Y. Lilja - K. Sandelin - C. Ahlström Emanuelsson

In 2019 and 2023, two randomised controlled trials (RCTs) on the effectiveness of septoplasty were published (1,2). Part of the rationale for both studies was that the value of septoplasty had been questioned by policymakers, health insurance carriers and health care providers. The results of both studies showed that patients undergoing septoplasty had a better outcome than patients in the control group. Without questioning these results or the general perception in the rhinology community that septoplasty is of great value to the right patient, we still see the need for caution when interpreting the outcome of the RCTs and when rhinologists try to transfer the results to routine clinical practice. Van Egmond et al. draw the conclusion that the results from their RCT should be applicable to all patients with nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum.

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