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Microbiome analyses in chronic rhinosinusitis

Volume: 62 - Issue: 2

First page: 129 - Last page: 129

T. Smulders - S. Reitsma - C.M. van Drunen

In this edition of Rhinology we feature the work of Connell and colleagues from Australia on chronic rhinosinusitis that describes an interesting new pipeline to characterize the bacterial composition of microbiota.
We are constantly exposed to a multitude of micro-organisms in the environment and our immune system has the important task discerning and fighting off potential threats. In most people the immune system is doing its job properly and prevents anything untoward from happening. On occasion, a microbe slips by the first (innate) level of defense and we might suffer from an infection. This then activates the second layer of (the adaptive) defense tasked to clear this infection. Sometimes the immune system gets its wrong and starts a full-out defense against something harmless, and an allergy is born. The task of the immune system of doing what is right is even more difficult than it might seem at first sight. In addition to these incidental potential threats, our mucosal surfaces are lined with commensal bacteria which contributes to the complexity of our environment. This collection of bacteria or microbiome has become a major focus of research, as the composition of this microbiome seems related to the health state of the individual. Originally the relationship between the gut microbiome and the development of asthma and allergy was the main focus. In recent years, the focus has been broadened to include the microbiome of the upper and lower airways. In addition to allergy, our field has also been given more and more attention to studying the microbiome in chronic rhinosinusitis.

Rhinology 62-2: 129-129, 2024

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