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Mepolizumab improves sense of smell in severe chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps: SYNAPSE

Volume: 62 - Issue: 3

First page: 320 - Last page: 329

J. Mullol - V.J. Lund - M. Wagenmann - J.K. Han - A.N. Sousa - S.G. Smith - B. Mayer - R.H. Chan - W.J. Fokkens

BACKGROUND: Loss of smell is one of the most bothersome and difficult-to-treat symptoms in patients with severe chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps (CRSwNP).
METHODOLOGY: SYNAPSE was a 52-week Phase III study of 4-weekly mepolizumab (100 mg subcutaneously) plus standard of care in adults with severe bilateral CRSwNP. This post hoc analysis assessed changes from baseline to study end in loss of smell visual analogue scale (VAS) symptom score, in patients stratified by several baseline clinical characteristics. SinoNasal Outcomes Test (SNOT)-22 sense of smell/taste item and University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT) scores were also assessed.
RESULTS: SYNAPSE enrolled 407 patients (mepolizumab=206; placebo=201) with impaired sense of smell at baseline. Improvements from baseline to study end in loss of smell VAS score were greater with mepolizumab versus placebo (treatment difference: −0.37) and most notable in patients with fewer or more recent prior surgeries (treatment difference: 1 vs 2 vs more than 2 prior surgeries,−1.29 vs −0.23 vs −0.07; =3 years since last surgery, −0.89 vs 0.22). Approximately 25% of patients had baseline UPSIT scoresavailable; among those scoring =19 by study end. The SNOT-22 sense of smell/taste item score improved with mepolizumab versus placebo.
CONCLUSIONS: Mepolizumab treatment improved patients' perceived sense of smell, as measured by loss of smell VAS score and SNOT-22 sense of smell/taste item score in patients with severe refractory CRSwNP.

Rhinology 62-3: 320-329, 2024

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