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Surgical treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer - a consensus recommendation from two Chinese associations

Volume: 62 - Issue: 1

First page: 23 - Last page: 34

R. You - Y.P. Liu - X.Z. Chen - J.H. Chen - J.Y.W. Chan - J.G. Fang - C.S. Hu - Y.Q. Han - F. Han - G.Y. Hu - Y. Jiang - W.H. Jiang - L. Kong - J.G. Li - Q. Lin - Y. Liu - Y.H. Liu - Y.T. Lu - W.T. Ng - P.K. Man - J.W. Sun - L. Tao - J.L. Yi - X.D. Zhu - W.P. Wen - M.Y. Chen - D.M. Han

Background: Surgical treatment is playing an increasingly important role in the management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). This consensus focuses on the indications for optimal surgery, and surgical methods in the whole process of treatment for NPC to provide a useful reference to assist these difficult clinical decisions.

Methodology: A thorough review of available literature on NPC and surgery was conducted by the Association for the prevention and treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in China, international exchange and promotion Association for medicine and healthcare, and the Committee on nasopharyngeal cancer of Guangdong provincial anticancer association. A set of questions and a preliminary draft guideline was circulated to a panel of 1096 experienced specialists on this disease for voting on controversial areas and comments. A refined second proposal, based on a summary of the initial voting and different opinions expressed, was recirculated to the experts in two authoritative medical science and technology academic groups in the prevention and treatment of NPC in China for review and reconsideration.

Results: The initial round of questions showed variations in clinical practice even among similar specialists, reflecting the lack of high-quality supporting data and resulting difficulties in formulating clinical decisions. Through exchange of comments and iterative revisions, recommendations with high-to-moderate agreement were formulated on general treatment strategies and details of surgery, including indications and surgical approaches.

Conclusion: By standardizing the surgical indications and practice, we hope not only to improve the surgical outcomes, but also to highlight the key directions of future clinical research in the surgical management of NPC.

Rhinology 62-1: 23-34, 2024

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