Article # 1801
Journal Rhinology 56 - 3
Article Title The presence of Interleukin-13 in nasal lavage may be a predictor of nasal polyposis in pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis*
Abstract BACKGROUND: Sinonasal disease is a common feature of cystic fibrosis (CF) and can cause significant morbidity in these patients. Our objective was to determine if CF individuals with concomitant nasal polyposis (NP) express a unique profile of inflammation and if so, whether these inflammatory cytokine mediators have predictive value in identifying these individuals for prompt management by an Otolaryngologist.
METHODOLOGY: Nasal lavage samples and clinical outcomes of disease severity were obtained from thirty-eight pediatric CF individuals. Participants were subdivided based on the presence or absence of NP. Nasal lavage samples were analyzed on a panel of seventeen cytokine targets using a Bio-Plex Luminex assay. A Perl Permutation test with correction for multiple hypotheses was performed to identify uniquely expressed cytokines between CF individuals with NP (CFwNP) and those without (CFsNP).
RESULTS: Thirty-five patients were included in the analysis. Cytokines IL-13 and GM-CSF were uniquely expressed in the CFwNP group when compared to the CFsNP group. Logistic regression analysis demonstrated a significant association of IL-13 with NP.
CONCLUSION: In children diagnosed with CF, the level of IL-13 in nasal lavage samples could potentially serve as a non-invasive clinical tool in predicting NP in this population, and a target for future immunotherapy.
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