Article # 1584
Journal Rhinology 55 - 3
Article Title Sinonasal symptom-related sleep disorders before and after surgery for nasal polyposis
Abstract BACKGROUND: Patients with nasal polyposis (NP) complain of several sinonasal symptoms that impact their sleep and quality of life. However, data on sleep disorders related to NP symptoms, before and after surgery, is poor. The aim of the present study was to analyze sleep complaints related to each NP symptom, before and after surgery, using the Dynachron questionnaire.
METHODOLOGY: 63 patients operated for NP were included in this prospective study. They filled the DyNaChron questionnaire one day before surgery (V0), 6 weeks (V1) and 7 months (V2) after surgery. The self-ratings (0-10 point visual analog scale) of nasal obstruction, anterior rhinorrhea, postnasal discharge, cough and 5 items related to sleep disturbances, due to each symptom of chronic nasal dysfunction, were extracted from the questionnaire and analyzed.
RESULTS: There was significant improvement of symptoms and symptom-related sleep disturbance scores at V1 and V2 compared to baseline scores. Before surgery, moderate/severe sleep disorders that patients attributed to nasal obstruction (the patient thinks it is due to nasal obstruction rather than a clinical test to show nasal obstruction) or anterior rhinorrhea were reported in two thirds of patients, postnasal discharge in one half, and chronic cough in one third. After surgery, less than 10% of patients reported moderate/severe sleep disorders at V1. There was a mild increase of patients who rated moderate/severe sleep disorders at V2 in comparison to V1. The correlation between scores of nasal obstruction and its impacts on sleep quality was weak before surgery and strong afterwards.
CONCLUSION: Nasalization improved sleep quality significantly at 6 weeks and at 7 months after surgery. However, there was a mild increase of complaints related to postnasal discharge and cough at 7 months after surgery.
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