Article # 1530
Journal Rhinology 55 - 3
Article Title Predictors of unanticipated admission within 30 days of outpatient sinonasal surgery
Abstract OBJECTIVES: To identify predictive factors of readmission after day-case rhinologic surgery.
METHODS: A 2-year retrospective chart review of patients scheduled for ambulatory sinonasal surgery in a tertiary medical center was conducted. The operating room and the anesthetic files were screened to identify demographic data, types of procedure, comorbidities and post-operative complications.
RESULTS: From January 2014 to January 2016, 924 outpatient sinonasal procedures were identified. The overall readmission rate within the 30-postoperative days was 5.1% (2.9% for overnight hospital stay, 2.2% for unplanned post procedure visit to the hospital via the emergency room, or directly to the surgical unit within 30 days of discharge). Age at least 50 years, surgical duration at least 80 min, endoscopic sinus surgery procedures and postoperative nasal packing were identified as negative predictive factors of readmission.
CONCLUSION: Careful scheduling of those higher-risk patients undergoing sinonasal surgery and appropriate postoperative observation should be implemented to improve healthcare quality in an outpatient setting.
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