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Mucocele formation after frontal sinus obliteration

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F.S. Hansen - N.A. van der Poel - N.J.M. Freling - W.J. Fokkens

BACKGROUND: A possible complication of frontal sinus obliteration with fat is the formation of mucoceles. We studied the prevalence of mucoceles as well as and the need for revision surgery.
METHODS: Retrospective case review of forty consecutive patients undergoing frontal sinus obliteration from September 1995 to February 2012 for chronic rhinosinusitis (26), frontal mucocele (12) or frontal osteoma (2) with an average follow up of 80 months (range 15-218). MRI of the paranasal sinuses was performed in all. Outcome measures included MRI signs of mucocele formation in the obliterated frontal sinus, revision surgery, symptom burden.
RESULTS: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed potential postoperative frontal sinus mucoceles in 6/40 patients. In 3 patients (7.5%) a revision operation was performed, revealing mucoceles in two cases. A wait and scan-policy in the other 3 patients confirmed the presence of a mucocele in 1 of these patients. The majority of patients (33/40, 83%) was asymptomatic at the last follow up.
CONCLUSION: The prevalence of mucoceles and revision rate in this series was 7.5% (3/40). MRI can improve detection rate and reduce / avoid unnecessary revision surgery after frontal sinus obliteration.

F.S. Hansen - N.A. van der Poel - N.J.M. Freling - W.J. Fokkens - Mucocele formation after frontal sinus obliteration
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