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Orbital floor fracture repair: the endonasal approach

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T. Kuhnel - H. Jagle - W. Hosemann - R. Weber - V. Vielsmeier

To avoid the dangers associated with lower eyelid approaches to the orbital floor and to improve visualization, we propose an endoscopic procedure for orbital floor fracture reduction and osteosynthesis using endonasal access via the medial maxillary sinus wall. The technique of endoscopic, endonasal transantral surgery is described, together with a retrospective analysis of 17 patients who had undergone this surgical procedure in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Regensburg, between July 2013 and June 2016. Fractures without infraorbital margin involvement were successfully repaired and enophthalmos and/or diplopia were corrected in all cases.
The endonasal approach described here allows orbital floor fractures to be repaired without injury to the eyelid apparatus. Visualization, in particular across the orbital floor as far as the palatine process, appears to be superior to that achieved with other approaches. The increased time required for the procedure and the difficulties of manipulation within a confined space are offset by rapid wound healing without ocular swelling and a minimal risk of complications.

T. Kuhnel - H. Jagle - W. Hosemann - R. Weber - V. Vielsmeier - Orbital floor fracture repair: the endonasal approach
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