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Design and assessment of an anatomical diagram for sinonasal malignant tumour resection

Volume: 54 - Issue: 4

Firstpage: 361 - Lastpage: 367

P.L. Bastier - L. de Gabory

BACKGROUND: The aim of our work was to design and assess the comprehensibility of an anatomical diagram for recording surgical and pathological results after the removal of sinonasal malignant tumours by endoscopic endonasal surgery.
METHODOLOGY: To create the first version of the diagram, we determined the functional and technical specifications for its use. The anatomical structures that appear on it were selected from the pathological reports of previous interventions. The comprehensibility of the diagram was tested by two successive multicentre labelling tests. Successive modifications led to the creation of a definitive version of the diagram.
RESULTS: A diagram of the sinonasal cavities in exploded view was created from 47 selected anatomical structures. Labelling tests led to modifying the diagram by the overall restructuring and removal of the least recognized structures. In the labelling test of version 2, the mean global identification rate was 97.1 plus/minus 4.9% for 36 participants and all tested structures achieved a specific identification rate equal to or greater than 75%.
CONCLUSIONS: This diagram of the sinonasal cavities is a comprehensible validated tool that allows the resection and invasion of sinonasal malignant tumours to be recorded. This three-dimensional diagram facilitates the understanding of the size, location and extensions of tumours. It may improve case presentations and communication in multidisciplinary team meetings.

P.L. Bastier - L. de Gabory - Design and assessment of an anatomical diagram for sinonasal malignant tumour resection
Rhinology 54-4: 361-367, 2016